On this stretch of the border any calm - apparent. Any silence - time. And you can never be sure that the day will end as well as the beginning. Because once it is here that ran the old caravan route from Asia to Russia, and in recent decades, the drug mafia is trying to pave a path here heroin ...

military-patriotic drama
12 episodes of 44 minutes
Year of Production:


The film went to real events that took place on the Tajik -Afghan border. Russian border guards guarding the border more than a hundred years, until the withdrawal of the Russian troops in 2004-2005 . During this time, a number of attacks on border outposts . In 1993, 45 border guards entered into an unequal battle with 250 Mujahideen , who had taken them in the ring. Fight, which killed 25 border guards , lasted 11:00 , but the rebels have failed to take the outpost . In 1994, at the same outpost guards confronted 18 60 bandits , armed with the latest technology and also repulsed the attack , held out for more than three hours before the arrival of reinforcements . Restless at this boundary and to this day ...


Farhad Mahmoudov
Captain Asgerov
Gennadi Vengerov
Alexander Pashkov
Lyubov Tolkalina
In the role of Catherine
Maxim Maltsev
Farhat Abdraimov
drug lord Ayub Khan
Aziz Rametov

Filmmakers & Crew

Operators Il'shat Shugaev Fedor Ordovsky
Composers Dmitry Tolstov Yefim Fayfman
Painters Negmat Djuraev Nikolai Terekhov
Producers Natalia Budkina Alexei Zemsky
script writers Edward Akopov Vladimir Bragin