The popular series continues. The action of «Our neighbors 2» takes place in the communal nine-room flat. In addition to characters, which are already familiar to the audience, the brand-new characters appear and, consequently, a new fascinating story begins.
50 episodes of 44 minutes
Year of Production:


In each room one can see a communal family with its unique destiny, culture, traditions, characters, manners. At first glance, all that people are quite ordinary, but it doesn't mean that they couldn`t have skeletons in the closet and everyone has a good reason for it…

Stephan, the loser and drinker, from time to time is looking for the meaning of life in books of Nietzsche and Kant; young and promising Ruslan is suffering from runaway bride; the honored ballet dancer Eleonora Friedman is struggling with loneliness, helping neighbors with a piece of advice. Guram, who knows that the house is for resettlement, however, did a high quality renovation in his room. Neighbors wonder - what's the point? But they doesn`t want to find out the real Stephan`s reason for it, because he is too unsociable and closed person. Furthermore, it can be seen like he recently returned from the place of imprisonment… 

Filmmakers & Crew

Written by Elena Laskareva, Anastasia Volkova
Directed by Irina Kotova, Radu Krihan, Vladimir Tolkachikov, Ulugbek Yuldashev
production designers Elena Kotova, Ksenia Tsarkova
Operators Ruben Shahbazyants, Maxim Mosin
Producer Natalia Budkina