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100 episodes of 44 minutes
Year of Production:


Do you know what phenomenon originated in the early XVIII century and preserved in modern Russia? Communal apartments. It is here and live, "Our Neighbors" keyhole which we were able to peek. Zakharova, Boborenko Friedman, Sokolov, and Bahytovy Korneychuka. People of different nationalities and religions - by chance settled in large communal apartment in central Moscow.
 It has become their island once large and powerful countries - the Soviet Union, where children of different nations lived not broken borders and customs, and were then still each other these neighbors. Of course, time changes people, but concepts such as humanity, sincerity and kindness remain unchanged ...

Filmmakers & Crew

Writers Julia Milanovic, Anastasia Volkova
Directed by Dmitry Goldman, Kazbek Meretukov
Operator Oleg Moshchelkov
Composer Igor Babaev
Producers Radik Batirshin, Dmitry Belosohov, Natalia Budkina