The secret operations a la James Bond theme, mystical espionage - all this in the adventure detective serial «Phantom», based on the novel by Nicolay Luzan «Phantom is out of connection».
adventure detective
8 episodes of 44 minutes
Year of Production:


The plot tells about an activity of the Russian security services, which have prevented the transmission of the secret information about the missile system «Yasen - M» to Americans and exposed a secret CIA agent, nicknamed «Phantom». 

The characters in the movie suffer not only from professional, but also personal difficulties. However, in the end they go through the difficult and dangerous situations with dignity. Secret espionage, cunning strategies, surveillance and spy recruitment are the part of a great game, in which only the strongest gets the victory. Because not only the own reputation, but also the honor of the Motherland is at stake.  


Kirill Grebenschikov
Sergey Kochubey, the colonel
Andrey Stoyanov
Mayor Pavel Omelchenko
Tatiana Lyannik
Eugeniy Redko
Mark Percy
Elena Tashaeva
Special Agent Gonzalez
Dmitriy Komov
Sergey Grekov
Pavel Varshavsky
Alexander Armer

Filmmakers & Crew

Written by Maxim Belozor
Director Nicolay Victorov
Operator Igor Minakov
production designer Sergey Onipenko
Producer Natalia Budkina