The main heroine of the series «Angel on Duty» will have to look on the other side of life and face with really paradoxical events. She also will get acquainted with a real angel, who will radically change her life and views on the world.
mystical drama
16 episodes of 44 minutes
Year of Production:


For the doctor Eugenia, a person of science, it`s not easy to change herself and to believe in supernatural, that is beyond logical explanation. Pavel tells Eugenia about the lost souls who may be in darkness, unless they repent and correct their mistakes on earth. So, Pavel offers Zhenya to help these souls with going into the light, because he doesn`t see them for some reasons.

After thoughts and fatal circumstances, Eugenia agrees to collaborate with the Angel. And suddenly she opens a new mystical world, contradictory and mysterious, in which Zhenya will play an important role of a doctor of souls. 


Alexey Kortnev
Angel Pavel
Olga Lomonosovа
Eugenia Kostina, surgeon
Prohor Dubravin
Sergey, the captain of the criminal investigation
Mikhail Remizov
Marat Sergeevich
Alexander Rapoport
Eugenia`s father
Maria Glazkova
Irina, anesthesiologist
Andrey Andreev
Chief physician Valery Samarin
Alena Galliardt
fortuneteller Rita

Filmmakers & Crew

director Pavel Ignatov
operator Sergey Yudaev
composers Leva Bi-2, Shura Bi-2, Max Ivanov
production designer Ahat Khisamutdinov
producer Natalia Budkina