The sequel of the mystical stories about another girl Alina, who see the souls of the dead. In the TV series «Angel on Duty 2» new assistant of angel Pavel is ready to become a worthy replacement for the gone Eugenia.
mystical drama
24 episodes of 44 minutes
Year of Production:


«The ferryman» from the first season, the surgeon Eugenia, died. Angel Pavel finds a new assistant instead – pretty young woman Alina Belousova, the wife of a successful businessman. Alina leads a glamorous lifestyle, has her own exhibition gallery, a gift from her husband. However, despite her unserious and carefree character, Pavel definitely chooses Alina as a helper.

Angel Pavel constantly compares new «ferryman» Alina with Eugenia that he was in love with, hoping to turn back time and be reunited with his lover forever. It turns out that such things are allowed to angels, but they must wait for a right moment to perform a similar miracle.

But yet, Pavel and Alina are trying to save lost souls, to uncover the mysteries and justly punish the perpetrators.  


Alexey Kortnev
Angel Pavel
Kseniya Alfyorova
Alina Belousova
Maria Semkina
Vera Yakovleva
Eugeniy Koryakovsky
Julietta Gering
Angelika Volskaya
Eugeniy Danchevsky
Dr. Dombrowsky
Olga Orlova