The film is based on a novel by Valeria «Life, tears and love».

Show business backstage, secrets, due to which people become rich and famous and dramatic story of two decades of the famous singer`s life. 

16 episodes of 44 minutes
Year of Production:


This is the life story of a provincial girl, who achieved fantastic peaks in pop music area. The story of strong talented woman, who had to go through seven circles of hell, but finally found the strength to get back on stage and to be happy.

The action takes place at the turn of the eras. The main heroine began her pop career in the late eighties, even in soviet times. But her professional growth as a singer is already in the nineties, with the development of fledgling Russian show business.  


Anastasia Savosina
Anya Panfilova (singer Victoria)
Ekaterina Vulichenko
Ira Shevelkova, Anya`s friend
Daria Rumyantseva
Rita Nadezhnaya, Anya`s friend
Andrey Finyagin
Alexey, the first Anna's husband
Alexander Dyachenko
Shuisky, producer and the second Anna`s husband
Valery Storozhik
Victoria`s father
Konstantin Yushkevich
Vadim Korneev
Sergey Mukhin
Sergey Korneev
Angelika Volskaya
Olga, Ira`s mother
Sergey Astakhov
Civil servant
Eugeniy Samarin
Ekaterina Krutikova
Lesya, Vsevolod`s wife
Maxim Pinsker
producer Innocentiy
Yuri Balitsky
Sasha, the member of Pilgrim band
Ivan Solovyov
Anton Kapanin
Denis, the member of Pilgrim band

Filmmakers & Crew

written by Galina Salgarelli, Elena Serova, Valeria
director Nicholay Griboedov
operator Sergey Akopov
composers Victor Drobysh, Valeria, Alexander Razgulov
production designer Sergey Vorobiev
producer Natalia Budkina