This story is about four mysterious childhood friends, who are already well over fifty. Some of them are divorced, married someone, and someone was never bound by ties of Hymen. Not a day goes by without someone from this Fab Four not helpful protagonist some very juicy stories ...
12 episodes of 44 minutes
Year of Production:


Principled bachelor Paul - the owner of several fine dining restaurants , a top manager Igor - skillful seducer young ladies , inveterate zhenatik Boris - occasionally thinking about the campaigns left and Fima - plastic surgeon with golden hands and troubled teenage daughter. They have different nationality, profession , interests, and sometimes outlook on life . What unites them? Age . Friendship , numbering forty years. Good attitude towards each other . Financial independence . And, of course , - a passion for women.
Becoming successful, provide for themselves and pay all debts home and family characters want to live in pleasure and finally afford something so anxious before.


Dmitry Nazarov
pavel gronsky
Ivars Kalnins
Owner automotive interiors Houdini
Vladimir Gusev
Boris Smolkin
Yefim Abramovich, just for friends - Fima
Marina Politseymako
Bella Itskovna
Lyubov Rudenko
In the role of Larissa
Tatiana Arntgolts

Filmmakers & Crew

directors Konstantin Smirnov, Yuri Music
Screenplay Oleg Antonov, Anton Markov
Composers Yefim Fayfman, Dmitry Tolstoy
Painters Vladimir Vasko, Antonina Mavrina
Producers Alex Zemsky, Natalia Budkina