A screen adaptation of the play by playwright A. Vampilov, whose heroes moved in our time. And although there is XXI century, it does not interfere with the play to be as relevant as ever.
88 minutes
Year of Production:


The action takes place in the taiga district. The life in Chulimsk revolves around a small cafe in a wooden house. There's a young girl Valentina, who works in this place and don’t hurry to leave Chulimsk, as all her peers. The reason is simple: Valentina fell in love with the investigator Shamanov, closed, strict but charming man, who recently arrived in Chulimsk.

Despite of his unveiling relations with pharmacist Zina and senior age, Valentina finds the courage to confess Shamanov in love. Up to this moment, he never notices the beauty and uniqueness of Valentina, but suddenly realizes that this nice modest girl is really his happiness. 


Sergey Bezrukov
Vladimir Shamanov, detective
Maria Poezshaeva
Anna Nevskaya
Zinaida Kashkina, pharmacist
Alexander Samojlenko
Innokentiy Mechetkin, businessman
Margarita Shubina
Anna Khoroshikh, pantry lady
Nicholay Klyamchuk
Pashka, Anna`s son
Andrey Sergeev
Afanasiy, Anna`s husband
Eugeniy Osokin
Valentina`s father

Filmmakers & Crew

Written and directed by Victor Dement
Operator Andrey Naydenov
production designer Herman Zaryankin
General Producer Natalia Budkina