The true story of the heroism of Soviet saboteurs in time of The World War II, who saved an entire city from destruction.
war drama
4 series for 44 minutes
Year of Production:


Odessa, 1941. The Nazis captured the main point of water supply in Odessa - water station in the village Belyaivka. The water stopped flowing to the city and 30 degree heat has minimized the chances of the besieged to survive...

In order to resolve the critical situation, the command formed a detachment of scouts, who have to sneak into the station and start the pumps. It only remains to consider the plan of operation.

At the same time, Romanian soldier of Russian origin Andrew, captured by Soviet troops. He hate the Nazi so strong, that he goes to the side of the Russian army and become the head of sabotage squad. The order is simple - to provide the city with water for at least a couple of hours...

The film is based on real events that occurred in Odessa in the summer of 1941.  


Taras Bibich
Karina Andolenko
Sergey Udovik
Major Kodzyuba
Alexander Efremov
Konstantin Demidov
Misha Porohovnya
Alexander Ilin
Oleg Vasilkov
Stanislav Belyaev
Carl Kepke, German officer

Filmmakers & Crew

Written by Alexey Poyarkov
Director Alexey Kolmogorov
production designer Alexander Danilenko
Operator Vasily Sikachinsky
Composer Darin Sysoev
Produced by Natalia Budkina, Yuriy Sirman