Name Zhukova has acquired during the life of the rumors , legends and myths - and with a plus sign and a minus sign.
historical documentary
2 series of 44 minutes
Year of Production:


Until now, historians care why he survived the " cleansing " of the army before the war , why Stalin destroyed it in 1946 , accusing him of stealing German Bonapartism and trophies, while many were killed or deported to the camps with much more light charges. Why would you need an indispensable part Zhukov during the arrest of Beria in 1953 ? Why , in violation of all statuses title of Hero of the Soviet Union, Zhukov gave 4th gold star ? Why immediately after Khrushchev dismissed him from all his posts and dismissed by staging a real " dressing down " at plenary meeting of the Central Committee?
When perestroika began , it became very fashionable and popular debunk heroes. In this series appeared sad and Zhukov . Suddenly it became clear that he was a bad commander and without it we would have won the war quickly , that he spilled the sea soldier's blood , was cruel and indifferent to people. Also was a thief and had Napoleon's plans to seize power in the country.
People tend to believe these stories , it's so interesting - the hero toppled from its pedestal . This documentary helps to find the truth in a huge stream of conflicting information and sheds light on many unknown facts . As well - in the film involved archival documents and testimonies of those who knew him personally .

Filmmakers & Crew

Script Alexander Slavin
Director Alexander Slavin
Operator Olga Livinskaya
Producer Natalia Budkina