1941-1945 - four years of fear, uncertainty, loss, tears, joys, expectations. These days one of the characters will never forget, and their children and grandchildren will pass their stories from generation to generation.

Military History documentary
25 еpisodes 10 minutes
Year of Production:


These stories "come alive" in historical reconstructions and chronicles of the time. Nurse , carrying the wounded to pickup truck , rammed enemy fortifications and dovezla soldiers to the hospital . The boy , who had to make small parts for weapons factory machinist . Widowed mother with two children , which went to her a few more orphaned after the bombing . All this - the little stories of people experiencing these terrible four years. Stories - exploits for which no assigned rank not awarded medals . This " small victories ", which eventually led to the Great Victory of May 9, 1945 - total and unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany.

Filmmakers & Crew

Director Tatyana Sobolevа