June 22, 2009 Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation have been declassified documents in the case, "Breitenbach". These documents formed the basis for the book historian and writer Theodore Gladkova "His Majesty Agent".
2 series of 44 minutes
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Willie LEHMAN - a veteran of the NSDAP , the senior officer of the Gestapo , the curator of the defense industry and military construction in Germany. He - the Soviet foreign intelligence agent A/201 , " Breitenbach " for long and terrible 12 years ( 1929-1941 ) transmitted to the central invaluable information about the development and strengthening of the fascist regime, large-scale preparations for world domination , the active capacity military capabilities and the latest technological developments . He was the only Soviet agent in the political department of the Berlin police Weimar Republic , and then in the Office of the RSHA IV of the Third Reich .
Lead - People's Artist of the USSR Yuri Solomin , repeatedly played the role of intelligence in the widely acclaimed films tells about the events in the interior, styled a secret facility where many portraits hanging Soviet spies , and projected on the wall newsreels and fragments from film "Seventeen Moments spring " .
Our lead easily overcomes not only time but also space. Just a few steps , and it is in those places in Berlin where the events took place far 30s of the twentieth century , where he lived and worked for Willy Lehmann, where he met with Soviet intelligence .
Narration reads - Honored Artist of Russia Yuri Belyaev .
Commentators film are veteran foreign intelligence , an outstanding Soviet spy Victor Korotkov ; author Willy Lehmann, historian intelligence agencies , writer Theodore made ​​smooth; German historian Hans Coppi anti-fascist .


Yuri Solomin
Leonid Calarasi
Yuri Belyaev

Filmmakers & Crew

Written. Oleg Romanov
Director Alexander Sidorov
Director Ivan Mazepa
Cinematographer Sergei Logos
Composer Maxim Kravchenko
Art Direction Alexander Naydenko
General Producerы Natalia Budkina