In Russia rolled out the film "Nakhodka"

Taking the story of his debut film by Vladimir Tendryakova "Nakhodka", directed by Victor Dement much risk. The audience too used to the "action movie" and too unaccustomed to "movies states." Tale of severe water-bailiff Trofimov Rusanovs uneventful, but her story is connected with the revision of all vital installations hero - like Petrified shell hatched a new man. Child of the system, Trofim took it literally, and rules on their guard was honest. It lived class hatred to those who are in this meager life trying to make something alive, not provided for by regulation.
Inhabit it. Ushytsya cook. Piglets start. He is vigilantly tracked - in all the disorder sought. He lived it - as if all of the senses was only a nose. It is not revealed to him all of a sudden, because of these rules scraped all human. That, living under the law, it is impossible to survive - that live "on concepts." People, of course, always on the hook, take any naked - but until then everyone is silent. Purely Russian science, a stranger would not understand. But it is so ingrained in life that lawlessness has become law. And this Trofim, a lawyer-nachetnik not understand. And the truth was revealed to him. A push for peace was the coup, according to Dostoevsky, a tear of the child. The human tragedy with which he hated all the lone wolf, face to face. What is there for the genre? If we consider the story a long way through the frozen taiga hero with a living lump on his hands to housing - a "survival of the film." The outstanding work of the operator Andrew Naidenov plunges us into the Martian, "unconsciously fixed" landscape. Natural cosmos indifferent to our drama in it man alone. And human world here is inherently cruel, cold your space. But the main story - the way of man to humanity. And the main character in another solitude: he destroyed the ability to empathize, each sees the thief, intruder. poacher - trash. But life throws up new reasons, and is growing aversion to humanity and the response to it increases hatred. Hunter syndrome: a circle game. Already tired to shoot - but the other things he does not know, does not notice even doomed silence tired of eternal alienation of his wife (Nadezhda Markina expressive work). In Tendryakova image can be read more broadly, it is actually a type of vertuhaya, faithful dog mode. From this Trofim stretch yarn to countless guardians mode with empty eyes and sharpened like a sheep dog, scent. So, before director pure literature. She works in short, telling the scenery, the rhythm of the text, exact epithets. Movie concretely, and if it spoke landscape - a rare fortune, sing praises to the operator. And the audience is waiting for action. But in this story, as I said, do not wait. Therefore, I repeat, debutant Victor Dement - risky people. He relies on the actor who will Trofim. And sniper chooses exactly Aleksei Guskov. Andrei still convincing and the Pope, and the conductor of a symphony orchestra, and that's so set in stone Trofimov, a man without a heart and soul. He has such a texture - universal, deep and sensitive. Only he would be able to move naturally from the image of deaf-blind guard with a frozen heart to barely audible perturbation of the soul, which will be a harbinger of recovery. And he failed. He played one of his best roles, for which the award-winning many festivals, including awards in Blagoveshchensk and Honfleur. On his face read the entire plot of the film. And his thoughts on the nature of the law, which should serve the people, but works against them. 
We talk to Alexei Guskov about the film and his role.

"RG": What is the meaning referring to the story of half a century ago?

Alexei Guskov: This literature, selected time, it is not about life but about being. With simple story, but with a very great sense. The very way the story is very cinematic - not accidental operator Andrey Naydenov received a "Kinotavr" prize for visual decision. My acquaintance with Tendryakova was superficial - in the criticism, I knew it identified the "villagers". I decided to get to know him a little deeper and found that in many of his stories - parable basis, they are understood not only in Russia: Tendryakova translated into many languages. "Find" - a timeless story, the journey of the soul, the way of man to himself.

"RG": First, your character appears man-flint, and tired of the people and of life ...

Alexei Guskov: I would call it a pillar of salt. He had nothing to expect from either environment or from yourself. The man in the case of the rules. And it needs to happen something extraordinary, that he began to see at least a person who is always there - his silent wife. At least hear her. It's not just a problem of our society. And it is modern: all immersed in Divays, natural communication is almost gone. We have information about the heap falls accidents, deaths, misfortunes - and there was an emotional stupidity. All of this - the subject of the film.

"RG": As I understand it, the shooting took place in extreme conditions.

Alexei Guskov: We shot Medvezhyegorsk where only the train. Nature is absolutely unbelievable, but I will not say that this region is favorable for the filmmakers. The administrator would get up at five in the morning in order to pave the road grader to the point of shooting. And it was minus 35, and froze at the sight camera operator filmed almost blindly - this is a very tough sport. Such pictures are always incredibly beautiful and incredibly difficult to manufacture.

"RG": you had to climb into the icy water.

Alexei Guskov: I was lucky there could lift mobile bathhouse, and after I flopped at zero water, could get warm.

"RG": Victor Dement first removes feature film - how it works?

Alexei Guskov: First of all, I want to congratulate him: he had just received the award for the best debut in Honfleur. He is well educated and a lot behold, he has extensive experience in the editorial and business scenario. The work was systemically by application to the script, which is pitching in Berlin, received the prize. During the filming he was sensitive to the actors, willing to accept our proposals, but most gently and unobtrusively sought his. Actors are often tempted to bend the text for yourself, but here I realized that if I did not exactly follow the construction phrase Tendryakova - all poured out. You can not miss a comma or an exclamation mark.

"RG": You mean not only dialogue, but also the structure of this prose?

Alexei Guskov: Absolutely. See how the scene developed with the funeral of the deceased child. What sort of subtle nuances of human relationships to the event. This is where the hero comes scrapped - it suddenly aware of its responsibility for others. Yes, it's high literature, this very rarely goes to the actors.