Putin sent "Pushkin" to Honfleur

At the festival of Russian cinema in Normandy loved the taiga and herring under a fur coat.
In the French town Honfleur finished 23rd Festival of the Russian cinema. Its president Francoise Shnerb awarded the Pushkin Medal on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin for his great contribution to the strengthening of the Franco-Russian relations. A female member of the local congregation, standing at the moment in the scene, carefully study the accompanying document, as if checking the authenticity of the signature of the Russian president. Francoise herself said that many of the activities were canceled after the terrorist attacks in Paris: "We call our partners and wondered whether or not to hold the festival this year. Some refused to cooperate. But our team was no doubt. Besides, the Russian delegation had to wonder: Do we need to go to France? But in the end we came to even more people. We expected outflow of spectators, and it so happened that on one of our festival had such a quantity. Halls were filled as never before. I watched with admiration as we are strong when we are doing something together. " By the way, one of the famous filmmakers still afraid to go. The mayor of Honfleur Michelle Lamar occupying his post for 20 years, also spoke about the fact that the festival takes place in difficult days, and urged everyone to continue to write books, to make a film, just to live. And that would be the best response to what is happening. A minute of silence to collect almost those who died in the terrorist attacks in Paris, came to the theater "Bataklan" on the same recreational activities as the Film Festival in Honfleur, and has not returned home. The jury under the direction of French actor Stephen Freysa Grand Prix was shared between two worthy paintings - "14+" Andrei Zaitsev about teenage love and No somment Artem Temnikova - TV journalist and a debutant in a big movie, highlighting the young Europeans who loves a Muslim, came under the influence radical Islamists and was in Chechnya. Starring Leonard Proksauf matured. As a child, he appeared in "The White Ribbon" by Michael Haneke. Andrei Zaitsev was on Days of Russian cinema in Paris in the day when the explosions. It was then shown his film. "I was struck by the reaction of the city the next day. There was no panic. Paris was free and unruffled. I respect you "- he said, receiving the award. "Nakhodka" by Victor Dement of prose Vladimir Tendryakova received three awards: Audience Award, Jury Prize for debut and Best Actor Alexey Guskov. Winter, boundless taiga, snow - all attractive to Europeans. Russian taiga was shot in Finland - it's easier, and say less. But the audience did not feel the substitution. Although Honfleur attentive audience. Constantly people came to our filmmakers and interested in the details of filmmaking. Looking hooligan "Man from our cemeteries" Chizhikova brothers, an elderly gentleman asked whether the present cemetery in the frame. Surprised that his specially built in the forest near Yaroslavl. Witty Chizhikova even in a book review of a restaurant away along an autograph drawing: a mound with a cross and two Siskin sitting nearby. As for Alexei Guskov, he Honfleur is surrounded by some superhuman love and reverence, including through the role of the Pope in the Italian film "" John Paul II. He is a saint, he is a man. " The award was shared with Alex Uzbeks actor and singer Jawahir Zakirov, who played Tajik helping intelligence agencies to go on the trail of illegal migrants. By the way, he and Viktor Dement first education - an actor, he worked in tnatre "Romen", he sings well. Later he studied directing at the Marlena Hutsieva. Viktor compared the film with the first-born, whom he is going through as a parent, and concluded his speech by saying: "Thank you praise my child. For two days I could not get there on your own movie. We had to give way to the audience. " Places all missed. The award for Best Actress Maria Mashkova received for his role in the film "Escape from Moskvabada" Darya Poltoratskaya. She played a young woman ruthlessly combating the illegal migrants whose views are gradually changing. Presents awards to actress and jury member Mylene Demongeot (Milady in "The Three Musketeers" Helen "Fantômas"), whose roots are in Kharkiv, extolled Russian actresses. The jury discussed the five contenders for the award. For a scenario marked "Insight" by Alexander Kott. History suddenly blinded human rasstrevozhila not just spectators. Hall vividly responded to the joke of the winner, thanks to his wife - actress Anna Tsukanov - for having allowed him to shoot the film. Stefan Freys (it was filmed at Agnes Varda, Francois Ozon and Steven Spielberg) has survived, like all Parisians, anxious days, summed up: "Why is my heart beating so? I understood that alive. And ask yourself the question: how much it will still be beat? What happens if I stop? It was a panic attack. Everyone should secure for themselves segodnyaschney moment. Russian filmmakers know how to do it. Once the director Philippe de Broca, which I was doing, compared the movie with fireworks: "It is expensive, long lasting and not useful." I did not agree with him. Cinema allows to break into the personal lives of people wherever we went without him. In your movies, we saw a lot of suffering and a little hope, usually the suburbs, rather than Moscow, ordinary people, not the power to hold, and a lot of humanity. We go through a stage of barbarism. But we have a soul. Let's not forget about it and enjoy the fact that we have it. " Not a single cinema lived within a few days of Honfleur. Boyko restaurant "Côte angler." Commanded the kitchen cook Ivanovo. Many appreciated the charm of Russian feast and especially herring under a fur coat.

Article by "Moskovskiy komsomolets" newspaper