About the movie "Nakhodka" - in the program Catherine Mtsitouridze "This is cinema" on Channel 1 Russia

In rolling out the movie by Victor Dement "Nakhodka".
The film is based on the novel by the Soviet writer Vladimir Tendryakov based on real events - water-bailiff finds an abandoned baby in the forest. This double journey: physical - the taiga forest and metaphysical - of morality. Senior water-bailiff Trofim Rusanov imagines himself the law and decided that it has the right to judge. He will have to undergo terrible way to completely rethink his life. Trofim played by actor Alexei Guskov. The actor immediately agreed - he likes the language of the hero. While shooting in the snow-covered taiga, recognizes Alexei Guskov, it became an ordeal.

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