"Nahodka" will take part in the festival of Russian cinema in Honfleur (France)

The oldest and most famous in France Russian Film Festival is held in Normandy in 1995. Each year the festival presents to the French public competition program, the program debuts thematic retrospective program Panorama, as well as a program of documentaries and animated films. "Nakhodka" was included in the main competition and the program debuts.
A feature of the Festival is the presence of the French jury of French filmmakers and artists. Over the years, its chairman was Robert Hossein / Robert Hossein (2002), Francis Yuster / Francis Huster (2003), Regis Wargnier / Régis Wargnier (2004), Jean Becker / Jean Becker (2005), Claude Pinoteau / Claude Pinoteau (2006) Giacomo Battiato / Giacomo Battiato (2007), Nina Kompaneets / Nina Companeez (2008), Serge Rezvani / Serge Rezvani (2009), Patrick de Carolis / Patrick de Carolis (2010), Jose Diane / Josée Dayan (2011), Radu Mihayleanu / Radu Mihaileanu (2013), Vincent Perec / Vincent Perez (2014) jury will award a number of prizes, including the Grand Prize of the city of Honfleur, prize for best screenplay, Award for Best Actress and Best Actor. In addition, the prize is awarded at the Festival of the public, and the Regional Council of Lower Normandy award prizes for the best debut.

More information about the contest can be found on the website KINOTE.info.