On the Russian screens out tape Victor Dement "Nakhodka"

History beyond time and space - tomorrow on Russian screens will tape Victor Dement's film "Nakhodka". The second full-length work of director has already won the Audience Award at several major festivals. To film the story of Vladimir Tendryakova Viktor Dement conceived seven years ago. And then I decided it should be a parable, a simple, universal, and for the perception of a very bright, despite the tragedy of the story. It is this and get a picture of "Nakhodka".
At the press-wall of film "Nakhodka" - imitation snow and the letter of the snow. The minimum temperature on the set was minus 23 degrees. We are going to shoot in Karelia, but surprisingly the snow went. And the whole crew had to go to Finland. Emergency change of location - not all the tests. Artist starring Alexei Guskov was shot immediately after a major operation on his leg. But from the stand-ins, which could for him to jump into the icy water and roll on the snow slopes, he refused. "The viewer is unlikely to be interested in how we were getting killed there, waiting for the snow, as the sinking to his waist, as a freezing chamber, the operator could not see, we waited warmed" - says the People's Artist of Russia Alexei Guskov. The victims were not in vain - the prize for Best Cinematography at the Kinotavr this summer. Alexei Guskov - the prize for best actor at the festival "Amur Autumn". His stern water-bailiff Rusanov from the story Tendryakova "Nakhodka" turned hero parable. The hut deaf taiga forest, he found the baby. "Nakhodka - is, of course, does not find the child. The man on the decline of life, finally found himself. He found his place in life, his understanding of good and evil. This is the main finding of his life ", - said director Victor Dement. Victor Dement immediately saw in the story Tendryakova film and timeless story of biblical proportions. The hero - a "fighter for the law" - a popular image in the cinema today. But his struggle with society, with the family and then with the nature, ends, contrary to expectations, not in the arthouse and tragic. The hero of our time, whether it? Alexei Guskov answers to Oleg Yefremov: "Heroes are not on the scene, the characters in the hall." "It is important to put the right questions, which exist today in the community and there are a person who solves the problems of existence. And who solves the problems of everyday life, - no need to go to this movie. Guys, do not! We have to go to the supermarket! "- Says Alexey Guskov.

Watch video from premiere on TV channel "Kultura"