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In rolling out the first feature film "Nakhodka" by famous feature and theater director Viktor Dement. Interview with the creators of the film - in an exclusive interview for
The script of the film is a movie adaptation of the novel "Nakhodka" Vladimir Tendryakova, one of the most uncompromising of Soviet Writers, and a trip to the area of ​​morality. The film tells the story of older water-bailiff Trofim Rusanov, claiming to be a "law", and the people around them - "vorem." Will the fate of Trofim is in the taiga forest alone with a severe nature, tens of kilometers away from human habitation. The event that occurred to him in the snowy taiga, abruptly changing his outlook on life and makes all furiously seek justice.

Victor Dement, director:
"A Tale of Vladimir Tendryakova" Godsend "was written almost half a century ago. So whether we have changed much? The real case, which was the basis for the story, and today excites the imagination. Today happens to like, but for some reason it becomes a subject for police chronicle, but not for serious discussion about how and why we live. Many directors are tired of making movies, which all died. And any feat of the spirit - it is very beautiful."

Earlier, the "Nakhodka" won the prize for Best Cinematography at the 26th Open Russian Film Festival "Kinotavr" and has been awarded the VFF Talent Highlight Pitch Award co-production market of the Berlin International Film Festival in 2011.
"Nakhodka" also won two Audience Award at festivals in Honfleur and Tallinn. Therefore, according to the producer Natalia Budkina, the film has all the chances to avoid the fate of only a movie festival and collect cash in cinemas.

Natalia Budkina, producer and CEO of "Talan":
"If we talk about a movie festival, the process of return on investment is very complicated and often hopeless. Ministry of Culture can finance up to 70% of the budget - it is a very big help, but the remaining 30% - it's not small money, and they need to find. A minimum charges - TV and the Internet, the right to buy for a penny. So it's hardly a business. We are with my fellow co-producers never considered the "discovery" exclusively as a cinema festival: the audience is a film, which was confirmed by two People's Choice Award in Honfleur and in Tallinn. When a movie like not only critics, but the audience of his chances to be successful not only in terms of the recognition of the film community, but also in financial terms, are greatly enhanced, but still long and it's an investment. How such films need? The French Honfleur just a festival of Russian cinema. Despite the recent terrible events in Paris and concerns of the organizers, there will be fewer spectators and guests rooms were filled as never before. It's a way to tell the world about Russia, Russian, what we are and what motivates us."

Natalia Budkina believes that such a movie - part of the national culture, so it must be supported by the state.

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