Guskov porazil moskvichey "Nakhodkoy"

In the Russian rolling out drama by director Victor Dement "Nakhodka". The creators called painting trip to morality, and spectators celebrate an incredible game by Alexei Guskov
Premiere was held on 1 December. "Nakhodka" - debut of director Viktor Dement. It was not only the director, but screenwriter picture tells the story of older water-bailiff Trofim Rusanov. Himself the protagonist says, "the law", and the people around them - "and vorem bastards." But certain circumstances Rusanov is in the taiga forest, alone with the severe nature. He gets into a situation that changed his outlook on life. The script "finds" - a film adaptation novel by Vladimir Tendryakova, saw the light 50 years ago, in 1965, a trip to the area of ​​morality, as they say about her creators. Starring in the movie performed Alexei Guskov, Nadezhda Markina and Anastasia Shevelev. Attending the premiere of director Victor Dement said that sought to not shoot a movie festival, and the viewer. In part, this has proved received "finds" the Audience Award at film festivals, and attended the premiere reiterated. Impressed and luxury panorama of the Siberian taiga, and the ability of authors to build a picture frame (this, incidentally, celebrated and "Kinotavr" film awards for Best Cinematography). No less impressed and Alexei Guskov, who played the role of Rusanov, and deep story with a moral message, and powerful, according to the audience, the soundtrack. And the author of the music for the film Taisiya Krasnopevtseva noted that "today, perhaps more than ever need examples of how people become human beings." "A wonderful film, so necessary in our time!" - said the actress.

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