The film "Nakhodka" won three awards in Honfleur

The debut film of Victor Dement "Nakhodka", already noted numerous awards at various film festivals, won three awards held on 24 to 29 November in the French city of Honfleur 23 th festival of Russian cinema.
This picture is loosely based on the story of the famous Russian writer Vladimir Tendryakova telling about Chief Inspector fishing control Trofimov Rusanovs that one is alone in the taiga wilderness and eventually completely changes your outlook on life. In Honfleur "Nakhodka" was awarded the Audience Award and the award for best debut. A leading actor Alexei Guskov was named best actor. He made his debut with this film in the cinema famous documentary and theater director Victor Dement said at the closing ceremony of the festival about their impressions: In Honfleur, there were two pictures of our show. Both times the room was full. For us, this fact, as well as the Audience Award, the biggest award. It was a joy from the fact that the French have taken our cinema, empathized with the main character, came with words of gratitude. This is the most memorable of the festival. " Together with Victor Dementiev "discovery" in Honfleur were Alexei Guskov and the Lady of the film Nadezhda Markina. This film festival - the oldest and most famous festival of Russian cinema in France - he held since 1995. Decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, president of the festival Francoise Shnerb was awarded the Pushkin Medal for the promotion of Russian cinema in France. The Russian premiere of "Nakhodka" will be held in "Kosmos" cinema theater on December 1 and in wide film will be released on December 3rd.

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