"Nakhodka" hit the Black Nights Film Festival audience

The debut feature film "Nakhodka" teledokumentalistika and famous theater director Victor Dement at the closing ceremony was awarded the People's Choice Award (Audience Award) 19th Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn (Estonia). Starring in the movie performed Alexei Guskov, Nadezhda Markina and Anastasia Shevelev.
"People's Choice Award - one of the most important, because we shoot a film for the audience. Their decision, their judgment - the most strict. And the way the picture was taken in Estonia spectator, said that cinema has no boundaries. No politics. No nationality. There is only inherent in all people a sense of empathy and hope for the best. Thank Tallinn! Thank you, the audience! "- Said the director of the film, Victor Dement.   From 13 to 29 November "Nakhodka" represented Russia in the competition Tridens First Features film festival in Tallinn, which in this year's Black Nights for the first time. The organizers set themselves the task to find and present to the audience and the jury for new talents, which all over the world were selected 14 debut works.   "We are very pleased that an international audience so highly appreciates our work. After the movie is done, first and foremost, for the viewer. Audience Award - the best of the possible prizes. Thank you! "- Shared his impressions of the actor Alexei Guskov. The film tells the story of older water-bailiff Trofim Rusanov, claiming to be a "law", and the people around them - "bastards and vorem" will find themselves in the circumstances of the taiga forest, alone with the severe nature, dozens of kilometers from human habitation. The event that occurred to him in the snowy taiga, abruptly changing his outlook on life ...

Material by information agency "Primorye24"