Alexei Guskov in almost biblical history

In Moscow the premiere of the film "Nakhodka" to be held - a timeless parable that the moral law is above any other.
Inspector Trofim - a strict man, for whitefish in Ushytsya easily ready fifteen days fishermen weigh. People do not like it ("That's rubbish people", "bastard on the bastards"), and they reciprocate: here again whacked the paddle back, so still say thank you, that was not killed. Trofim woke up, and the boat is not - and home is now only one way: On the river bank so untrodden paths. And it should be just as wrong - a baby girl found abandoned a negligent mother. "Napaskudila and I mopped!" - And what to do now? It is understood that the mother must be found, the district is small, but what's next? Kill? Forgive? No .. No rest for Trofim. A screen adaptation of the novel by Vladimir Tendryakova, published in 1965, devoid of signs of the times: that the snowy forest that cold lake that rural hut - half a century, little has changed. Is that once the shot misses the modern telephone booth - but it is not the same thing. Presenting a picture viewer Moscow December 1, the director Victor Dement said that he wanted to do a story about that, and yesterday, and about today and about tomorrow - a timeless, almost biblical. And it's true: the essence of the film lies not in the details of the era, and in the life of the device, do not change depending on the wind. "Did you say something too good to babsky mountain began to understand" - accuses the men raised three children's mother; Well, except the mountain 1965 so different from the grief of 2015? Against the background of the numerous "good cinema" with a surprising excess optimism "Nakhodka", of course, the picture is bleak, let no one deceive you with the first frame "jaunty" tablecloth dotted with sunflowers. Drama Trofim in the fact that, suddenly so close to the heart of taking someone else's fate, he suddenly realizes that with him something, too, there are people who, over the years, he has ceased to love, to rough up the soul. "Kweli you some, not a woman, and the stump" - recently said his wife, with whom he lived here alone for thirty years; and his daughter, and did not wish to start up on a threshold, enraged for evermore And not just for the past. Condemning others, is not it better to first look at yourself? And insisting that "the land can not live without the law, can not be!" - Not correct to think that the most important thing - the moral law within us? Which allows you to not hold on to someone else's orders, and be a man - this is important ... And one thing - striding ten kilometers through the forest, and quite another - not stand the physical and moral test, to come to this simple, but this sometimes inaccessible conclusion "I helped you, maybe you help someone," - warms even more warmth of your own home. "Movies we shot for the viewer," - says the director, at the same time enjoying the festival success, and hope that it will lead to see a full house, not only in the French Honfleur, where the film won three awards, including the Audience Award. "Track" list of the film was discovered in the summer, when the jury "Kinotavr" noted for Best Cinematography Andrew Naidenov. Surely he will continue in the near future on the "Golden Eagle" and "Nika": decent male roles this year in our cinema was not enough, and Alexei Guskov - one of the contenders for the certainties and national film awards. But again: the movie - for the audience, and the audience - it is you who read these lines. 

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