Alexei Guskov said "Film Industry" about "Nakhodka"

In the early 2000s, Alexei Guskov embodied in the television image of one of the most prominent male characters of the decade. His Beloschёkina Nikita - an officer and a smuggler of Cinematographic novel "Border. Taiga novel "- they know, even those who have not watched the show. Already from December 3, it can be seen on the big screen in the "discovery".
His popularity at home has fixed the main actor in the role of "scavenger", an episode of "Turkish Gambit" and dozens more work in films and serials. And after the success of "concert" Radu Miheylyanu name actor increasingly began to appear in the credits of European films: in Italy, he played Karol Wojtyla in the biographical drama "John Paul II: A holy man" in Germany - an eccentric millionaire in the "Penguin of our time", and recently - she starred Frederic Beigbeder in Paris. Alexei Guskov explained why decided to play in the "discovery":